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Menu 2 (1300 gr) – 2.460 Kcal

While you are enjoying nature, we are keeping you company, as usual, with our 24 Hours Outdoor Packages.

With options of various content, Ta!da! Outdoor 24 Hours Ration Packages offers you a nutritious, fulfilling and healthy alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time, with Flameless Heating Kit, it gives you an opportunity to easily prepare and eat a homemade-like meal.

Besides the personal utilities and accessories, in these packages there are also water purification tablets which is used to turn any water body that exist in the nature into potable water.

You can either carry these practical and delicious packages in your bag or you can hang it to your own bag from the holes on the packages with a carabiner.

Your practical solution in the nature…

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Dried string cheese Firik Pilaf with chicken and chickpea Buckwheat Pilaf with Beef
Acuka Sauce Tomato Soup Lentil Soup
Black olives Protein Bar Dried fruits
Honey Coffee (Sumatra) & Sugar Hot Chocolate
Tea & Sugar
Accessory Bag
Water purification tablet (2x 1 liter tablet) Wipes (x3)
Heater (x3) Chewing gum (x2)
Water heating bag (x3) Salt (x2)
Multi-use heating bag (x1) Pepper (x2)
Mixing stick (x3) Chili pepper (x2)
Toothpick (x3)
Spoon (x2)
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