Modern Review of Classic Recipe: Kadınbudu Meatball with Chicken

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If you love to eat Kadınbudu (Means Woman’s Thigh in Turkish) meatball you should definitely try the ta!da!’ Ready to eat Chicken version. So, you can add a practical and delicious recipe to your flavor repertoire.

-1 cup of rice

-500 gram ta!da! Ready to eat Chicken

-Half bunch of parsley

-2 medium size dry onions



-Black Pepper


-Red Pepper

-1 egg


-Olive oil



-Extract the rice and wash it. Boil until it gets soften, and then wait for it to drain.

-Chop the onions into cubes.

-Fry two tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, roast the onions until they get pink.

-Chop the parsley very thin.

-Chop the ta!da! Ready to Eat Chicken into very small pieces. Add boiled rice into chicken pieces, onions, parsley, black pepper, cumin, salt and allspice and start to knead.

-Take a piece of Kadınbudu meatball in the size of an egg, make it wet and start to roll and flatten with your hands until you get oval meatballs.

-After you form the meatballs dip it into the beaten egg. Fry meatball’s both sides until a golden color is obtained in medium hot oil.

-ta!da! Ready to Eat Chicken Kadınbudu meatballs are ready to serve hot or cold. Enjoy your meal.

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