Frequent Diet Mistakes

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You are trying to lose weight and stay fit, but can’t get the results of your efforts? Maybe the reason is that you are making common diet mistakes. These mistakes usually are;


Not consuming enough oil:

Most dieters claim that they should remove fat completely from their lives. However, there are healthy fats and some even help to lose weight. You can consume unsaturated fat sources such as olive oil, avocado, almond and peanut butter instead of completely removing them from your diet.

Not consuming enough carbohydrate:
Low carbohydrate diets declared all of the carbohydrate sources as bad. While carbohydrate sources such as refined sugar and white baked goods really cause weight gain by raising blood sugar, complex carbohydrates have the opposite effect.

Overloading Protein:
Protein is a very useful food source for weight loss. However, consuming too much protein can turn into fat and cause weight increase.

Completely Cutting Off the Consumption of a Particular Food Group:

The diet lists that completely remove milk or cereal from the daily life bore people, and low motivation brings failure. If you do not have a known allergy or intolerance, it is best to have a balanced diet.

Strictly Limiting Calorie Intake:
Low calorie diets help to lose weight in a really short time, but in the course of the process, stress hormone increases the release of cortisol and causes weight gain. Cortisol hormone is sending signals to the body, especially for fat storage in the abdomen. Low calorie diets also weaken the metabolism.

Overeating After Workout:
Exercising does not allow you to eat unlimited meals. There’s no use in getting more calories than you burn.

Consuming Diet Products:
Labels on food can be tricky and you should not depend on it. Most of these products claim that they don’t contain sweeteners or corn syrup. However, they may contain more harmful ingredients than these.

Treating All Calories Same

The 1500 calories you get from junk food is not the same as the 1500 calories you get from grilled steak, salads or fruits.

Portion Control:

Even if you fill your plate with healthy foods, it is just a dream to get results from a diet if you don’t do portion control.

Ignoring Beverage Calories:
Drinks that look healthy can be the source of undesirable calories. Do not ignore that there are 5-6 servings of fruit in the juice you drink that you think is healthy.

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