Chickpea with Beef



Chickpea with Beef (250 g)

We brought beef and chickpea which is one of the irreplaceable flavours of our culture, together and to your table.

You don’t have soak the beans overnight to eat this unique food which is a very important resource of vegetable protein and dietary fibre.

This addictive-free and practical delicacy that you can consume just like the home-made ones by heating, is now within easy reach for you.

Chickpea : Tat legumes, Yayla legumes
Beef : Meat Fish Institute, Namet, Etçii
Tomato Paste : Tat Tomato Paste
Suflower Seed Oil : Tat (Birsu Suflower Seed Oil)
Butter : Sütaş Butter
Wheat Flour : Ulusoy Flour
Spice: Ömeroğlu Spice, Volsa Spice
Nutrition Facts (100 gr)
Energy (Kcal) Protein Fat Carbonhydrate
158 13 9 6,3
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