With Their Innovations ta!da! Came Together with the Retailers at the Yerel Zinciler Fair

 In Corporate News

Yerel Zincirler Buluşuyor 2017 Fair took place between April 12-13 in the Haliç Congress Center. Fair presents a unique atmosphere for the participants and brings local chain market representatives of the organized food retail and mover brands, in this way strengthens the ties of the cooperation channels.

Unifo Gıda’s innovative brand ta!da! took its place in the fair and soon will be on the shelves. ta!da! has launched their products such as; ready-to-eat meals, instants soups, ready-to-eat chicken and duck, turkey tandoori, Outdoor products, Thessaloniki Biscotti, dried string cheese, dried fruit mix, gluten free pancake mixture and muesli. ta!da’s stand attracted a big interest during this business effective event.

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